Comic Review: Deep State #1 by Justin Jordan and Ariela Kristantina, Published by Boom! Studios

This weeks review features Deep State #1 by Justin Jordan and Ariela Kristantina. Deep State is definitely for those conspiracy theorists of you out there. Fans of X-Files might see similarities in the agents and even Doctor Who fans will be reminded of the Vashta Nerada. It’s fast paced storyline flows like a sci fi pilot episode, urging readers to tune in next week. But what I found most intriguing was the quote at the beginning.

“The problem with secrets is that they don’t want to stay that way. They say information wants to be free. And maybe that’s the case. But what I do know is that every story wants to be told. You can bury them as deep as you want. You can hide them. You can toss them into the darkest places you can imagine, but sooner or later… they always come back” 

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.51.31 PM.png

Washington D.C.

Ms. Branch sits at her desk, frustrated by the interruption. Her boss doesn’t want her working on the Mendez Kidnapping, a two decades old cold case. Branch is ordered home, she arrives home to a stranger in the dark. Branch is “more curious than cautious” so takes the opportunity to see what this stranger wants. The well-dressed stranger, a freelancer, claimed by the NSA, CIA, and others, yet he works for an entirely different organization. John Harrow makes sure that “the secrets stay secret…conspiracy theories stay theories” and he creates “plausible deniability”.

First lesson, the moon landing didn’t happen the way we think it is and the moon isn’t just a rock.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.52.22 PM.png

Near Bedford, PA

Something or someone has crashed in the middle of the night. The local sheriff and deputy go to check it out, only to run into Agents Branch and Harrow. As Agent Harrow suspects it’s the same technology that they found on the moon.

What secrets will be revealed in the coming issues? What information will break free? What stories will be told?



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